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April 5, 2011
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Share with me your pain,
Bring me into your heart,
Let me drown in its ache.
Allow me to help you up,
Take my love
Share my soul.
Blind me to all but you.
Make me care for naught but you.
Need me near.
Pull me along.
Let me bear your burdens,
So I can escape my own.
I had an epiphany. I'm always happier when I'm helping someone else who's having a hard time. This probably is a terrible thing and a horrible personality flaw, but heck... truth makes for emotion and emotion is... good I guess. Unless, of course, you're Vulcan... in that case, Live Long and Prosper.
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It's weird, innit? Helping other people gives me a warm, disgustingly fuzzy feeling.
This is beautiful. :heart:
ice-crystal-serpent Apr 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
There's nothing wrong with helping others who are having a rough go as long as you don't use helping others to ignore your own mental health and well being :)

I like the poem flows well and is well written.
writerwithasword Apr 5, 2011  Student Writer
You have a heart for service, which can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because you are an incredibly empathic and caring person. A curse, because taking on people's problems as your own can drag you down and pull you into some bad situations. I also have a heart for service, and my desire to help almost got me in trouble relationship-wise. This kind of selfless caring is a rare quality and it makes you a rare treasure. The only thing I would advise (and I have to advise you because you're my little sis ;P) is that you learn when to help and when to say, as harsh as it sounds, "It's not my problem."

:huggle: I love you so much.

P.S. The "not" in "Make me care for not but you" should be "naught." ;)

P.S. Potato tomato potato tomato
writerwithasword Apr 6, 2011  Student Writer
XP Oh hush you.
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